Made a HUGE blunder like the Miss Universe presenter? Here are 3 things to do

When Steve Harvey announced the winner of Miss Universe 2015, it was possibly the worst time for him to make a mistake.

He crowned Miss Colombia the winner, before her crown was taken away after he made the wrong announcement, and Miss Philippines was rightfully crowned the winner. Ouch.

But let’s be honest, we’ve all been though and made mistakes that have made us cringe. Here’s how to survive the aftermath.

1. Own up 

If you know the mistake was down to you, or you were partly responsible, be honest and own up. It’s the right thing to do, you won’t have any guilt hanging over you head. Plus others will respect you for speaking out about it.

2. Apologise 

Now that you’ve owned up to your mistake, recognise what you’ve done and the effects it could have on others. Notice the changes you might have caused to others and apologise for that. They’ll appreciate and respect that and it’ll make it easier to move on.

3. Make it right 

If you know the effect your mistake has caused others, do whatever you can within your means to make it right. Talk to those involved and work with them to find the best solution to rectifying the mistake.

Now what?