Recruit Camp: 5 little things you do that interviewers absolutely HATE

Welcome to Recruit Camp! For the whole of July we’re going to be giving you daily tips and tricks to get yourself employed. The job-seeking is numbing, frustrating and soul-destroying at the best of times. Hopefully we can make things a little easier for you. Step one of succeeding in interviews is leaving the room without the interviewers hating you.

It sounds obvious, but behind the veil of locked-jaw professionalism, there’s a person deep down that loathes you’re very being and you’d never know it. That’s what’s weird about job interviews, you spend the whole time trying to make these interviewers care about you but if you’re making an impression this early – it could be a bad thing.

I’ll explain. Here are five common and small little things that you do that interviewers hate.

1. Guilt-tripping

Mate, this isn’t the XFactor pre-roll, you’re applying for a job fully understanding that you would get it from your own merit – cut out any sob stories about gaps in your employment because of family tragedy. That doesn’t make the interviewers monsters, you can understand they don’t want to hear that.

2. Having your parents enquire about the job

In your mid-twenties, this shouldn’t be an issue but if you’ve just graduated, your parent might want a hand in getting you employed. Tell them to back the duck up, no great career has ever been forged because Mummy saw a job application on Facebook.

3. Making spelling mistakes on your CV

What is this? Amateur hour?! Spend a little time and proof-read your damn work. This is the most common and maybe the most irritating of all the mistakes.

4. Bad mouthing previous employers

You’re not swearing your allegiance to this company, you’re just applying for a job. Talking about your old job is a delicate thing so be respectful and don’t take any social chances.

5. Update your email address just isn’t going to cut it in the world of business.