6 things you didn’t know were making you less productive

We’re all about smart working here at List For Life. Productivity is the name of the game but often people confuse being busy and being productive. In fact, there’s a lot of things we do that we think are adding to our efficiency and, in reality, are actually making us less productive and successful.


Even the most basic productivity tool like a to-do list isn’t perfect. This tried and tested practice can cause you to overwhelm yourself with the sheer amount of tasks, even if most of them take only a few minutes. Productivity is as much about balancing the feeling of having lots of tasks as it about managing the actual tasks.

And it’s an uphill battle now more than ever. 10 years ago the only distractions were like rain against the window or Snake. Now we’ve got an ever-expanding source of entertainment on large and small screens all around us.


The good people of Make It Cheaper are there to ween out all our terrible habits that are less productive than something really unproductive. Some of them are pretty obvious, others you wouldn’t have thought of.

For example, time management apps are supposedly the only thing stopping the world from descending into fiery chaos but might just be a waste of time. This infographic attests that time spent setting up these apps could be better spent elsewhere. There’s no scientific backing to suggest that these, in any way, help the average worker balance their day.

Similarly, multi-tasking has become the ability to do work and check social media every few minutes as opposed to the original meaning being the ability to work on more than one task to get more done in shorter space of time. Since we’ll never give up on social media, we may as well commit to dealing with one task at a time.

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Image credit: Make It Cheaper