5 ways learning to drive could accelerate your career

Driving has become a part of human evolution. Our ape ancestors, over time, learned to stand upright and subsequently walk. In the same way, the modern human must learn to operate or ‘drive’ an automobile to keep up with rapidly changing times.

It’s expensive and not environmentally sound but being able to drive can have some massive advantages. Here are five ways that learning to drive can accelerate your career and steer you toward success (I’ll stop now).

1. Apply for jobs without considering uprooting 

If you’re based outside a city or on the commuter belt, applying for jobs in more remote places can be daunting. Especially when you’d have to take two trains, a bus and a 15 minute jet-ski trip just to get to the office. With a car, you can reach zones that public transport wouldn’t be able to get you to.

2. Fill the void in your CV

Employers love a worker that can drive. It opens huge opportunities for out of office expeditions too. With a valid driving license, you’ll be first in line for any exciting conferences that require attending – hopefully with an open bar and free buffet.

3. Make the most of your weekends

Relying on public transport at the weekends is a hell of a gamble. A cancelled train can scupper your entire plans. Luckily, with your legal ability to drive a car, you can skip the hassle and get to wherever you need to be, whenever you want to be there (traffic permitting).

4. Cut that commute

When travelling short distances, it’s often cheaper and quicker to travel by car. Contrary to popular belief, UK trains never move in a straight line. You can cut a hefty chunk out of your commute time by driving and avoid the daily public-space invasions that come with every train journey.

5. Boost your independence

All in all, the ability to drive at a young age will boost your independence. You won’t have to rely on anyone but yourself to get to where you need to be. You can take control of your life with one plastic, pink card.