5 ways you can be lazy AND successful

We’ve all heard the saying ‘hard work leads to success‘ right? But what if the saying is wrong? Being lazy could actually be the key to doing well. They say you should hire lazy people because they find the quickest and easiest ways to get these done…

While this is obviously an aphorism made up by lazy people to get jobs, here are five ways you can indulge in your laziness a little bit and still have a smidgen of success throughout your career.

1. You can delegate

The most successful people in the world know that they can’t do everything. They need to delegate. It’s the same with lazy people. Spreading the workload makes for a more efficient business strategy, and it means less work for certain idle individuals.


2. You don’t pretend to be busy

Nobody likes a busy body. Those pretending that they are rushing around doing everything when in actual fact they’re not really doing anything at all. Lazy people ¬†will get the job done without any added faff or drama. If there is a pointless meeting that they don’t need to go to, then they won’t go. They will be using that time to get the necessary jobs done as quickly as possible.

3. You always find the quickest route or solution

Just because a person is clever, that doesn’t mean that they will be an efficient worker. Lazy people always find the simplest solution to solving problems. This is mainly down to the fact that they are procrastinating so much that leave things to the last minute. With little time to complete tasks, they have no choice but to focus and find the fastest route.

4. You make money the easy way

Utilising tools such as eBay and Amazon to make money are things that lazy people do. Selling your junk online is easy, it takes minimal effort and you get money for the things you don’t want. Simple.


5. You only see the important details

Lazy people focus on the bare necessities of a task. This is a good thing to do because they don’t allow other factors, such as stress and self-doubt cloud their judgement. They know what is important and don’t concern themselves with the things which are not.

6. Work slowly

Call it a labour of love or call it what it is, laziness. Either way, you might have a project in the works but you’ve been working on it over time. You can’t rush art – especially if you’re taking 10 minute breaks ever 5 minutes of work.