10 ways to kick-start your week and shake off the Monday blues

As the weekend comes to a close, the Monday Blues start to creep in. Setting your alarm early knowing that tomorrow marks the longest time until the next weekend. The Friday Feeling is but a distant memory at this point. The only thing you can do now is keep pushing forward. You’ve done Mondays before, you always come out the other end alive.

And yet, knowing this information, we still dread Mondays like they are a mix of both Groundhog Day and Doomsday (free movie pitch if anyone wants it).

A Monster poll revealed that 78% of respondents experience the blues as early as Sunday evening and researches from Stony Brook University found when interviewing 340,000 individuals that our moods significantly improve on Fridays.

The good writers at Sleepy People have collated a great infographic about shaking off those dreaded Monday Blues. Here are our top three favourites. See the rest of the graphic below.

1. Have a sing-a-long in the shower

Weird as it sounds, researchers at the University of Manchester have declared that singing affects a little organ in your ear called the sacculus. What this little doobery does is pump endorphins into your brain giving you all the happy feels.

2. Make mid-week plans

A common misconception is that all fun must be reserved for the weekends. Unless you are the type to fall asleep as soon as you come through the door (which you shouldn’t do) there’s no reason you can’t book to see a film or see some friends mid-week. This will break up the week and give you something closer to look forward to.

3. Prepare for Monday on Friday

A lot of anxiety surrounding the Monday Blues often comes from unfinished business from the week previous. Put together a plan for each week and work how to tackle the tasks so that when you roll up to the office on Monday you know exactly what you’re doing.


Monday blues

Image credit: Sleepy People