7 ways to keep working once the initial excitement of a new project fades

Whether you’re striving for self-improvement, starting a podcast with friends, beginning a new career step or just breaking a bad habit – the initial excitement of a new project or focus is comparable to no other feeling. Your insides bubble and you feel as if a new dawn is around the corner, a prosperous and productive future from here on out. Unfortunately this doesn’t stick around.

What makes human beings the most fascinating creatures on this space rock is our innate ability to adapt. It’s what’s kept us alive and what is unfortunately killing our world. We get used to situations very quickly.

As a result this feeling of excitement can quite easily be knocked off by comfort zones and small-set backs. This great infographic from CashNetUSA details how to stick with your goals once you lose that initial motivation.

They write: “motivation is the energy that drives us to accomplish our goals, whether they are small day-to-day tasks or big, life changing ideas”.

“But often our dreams remain just that – dreams; we envision success without actually achieving it”. That’s not to say that you won’t ever succeed, you will, it just takes a few bad ideas to get to the good ones.

Here are the four best point we took from this graphic:

Be realistic

Productivity studies show that it’s nearly impossible to keep your mind on your work when you have goals all over the place. You need to set no more than three goals at one time and be able to justify them. Think about how measurable, achievable and time-bound they are!


A good way of road-testing your goals and success aspirations is by asking yourself one question: “Will achieving this goal make a difference to my life?”.

Reward yourself

Small rewards that come with every milestone will keep you grinding more than chasing one large pay-out for when you achieve your dreams.


Image credit: Cashnetusa