15 Jobs That Will Get You The Most Matches When Online Dating

Online Dating is unpredictable at the best of times. Somehow being a good person that maintains good hygiene doesn’t equate to matches. Well, what if we told you that the job you write in your bio can heavily influence your matches?

Obviously success is a determining factor when you give someone the old right swipe but there are more jobs that scream ‘success‘ more than others. However, until now, we’ve had no way to know what Tinder users are most attracted too.

Split by sex, Tinder have compiled the most right-swiped jobs and everyone knows that right-swipes means matches (especially since guys obviously are more lenient with their swipes). We’ll run through the top three jobs for each gender and try and figure out why they’re found so attractive (this won’t be hard).


Image credit: Tinder


1. Pilot

Yeah, obviously pilots are the most attractive professionals. They fly giant metal eagles, have travelled the world and are still profiting off the outdated 60s reputation of the high-flying socialite. They get to wear a swanky uniform, too!

2. Founder/Entrepreneur

This is a risky swipe. I like to imagine so many people swipe right because they assume the bio is meant to read ‘successful founder’ instead of what it probably is: ‘Founder of a failing software company that I run out of my parent’s garage’.

3. Firefighter

How many kittens have the average guy saved out of trees this year? None? Well then how does anyone expect to compete with the firefighters of the Tinder game?


1. Physical Therapist

We suppose the physicality and ability to heal aches and pains makes physical therapists great long-term partners.

2. Interior Designer

There’s something very cool about someone that has a firm grip on what makes a great habitual space!

3. Founder/Entrepreneur

Dating someone successful is inherent to the dating world. Founders and entrepreneurs possess a drive and ambition that is exciting for a lot of people out of the business game.