Job Signs: 5 ways you know you’ve been job-seeking too long

Welcome to Job Signs! Our weekly relatable column for everything involved in the world of work. Whether you’re the youngest CEO in history or a lowly job-seeking graduate just looking to get some experience and some pennies on the side – we’ve got you covered here at List For Life

This week we’re going to be looking at the rabbit-hole most job-seekers stumble into after too much time spent browsing the internet for gainful employment. It’s tough being a graduate without a job, but remember you’re not alone in this.

Here are five things you only know if you’ve been job-seeking too long.

1. You can treat your bookmark bar like a photo album

“Ah Spring 2014, I remember when I was going to apply for that job as a studio assistant but as always life got in the way”. Months into the job-seeking process your bookmarks bar becomes the birth-place of hope and a boneyard of expired applications.

2. You freak out at weekends in town

You’re so used to mid-week trips into town being relaxing and deserted experiences, when the weekend warriors come out, it can be disorientating. All your favourite spots in coffee shops are taken by young families and you can’t even find a parking spot – where did all these people come from?!

3. You’re broke

This one is pretty obvious. Your bank account is dryer than Gandhi’s flip-flop and it’s not even a joke anymore.

4. Your life is one long day

When you don’t have a routine, the days can often blend together making one ultra-long day. This goes double if you get into the habit, which lots of job-seekers do, of going to bed extremely late and waking up at the crack of noon. It’s not an easy life, but it’s your life.

5. Your contingency plans are getting more elaborate

At the beginning your back-up plans had rationale behind them. This far into the job-seeking spiral, they’re more nuts than a Nature Valley bar. Eloping with yourself to Iceland or jumping on a vessel to work an oil rig wasn’t on the cards a few months ago and now your Google history is rife with half-booked plane tickets to islands that you couldn’t point out on a map.