Japan’s version of LinkedIn just got £23 million in funding

We love LinkedIn here at List For Life. In terms of online platforms that provide job opportunities, there is no other competition. At least that’s what we though until we heard about the new Japanese careers networking site that goes by the name of BizReach.

What a strange position we’re in where one brief overview of BizReach can shake the foundations of everything we thought we loved about LinkedIn. It feels like we’ve started having feelings for someone that isn’t our longtime partner. We’re not going to act on them but the fact we would even consider a switch worries us. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves now.

BizReach, since it’s inception, has become one of the most funded start-ups in Japan. What sets it apart from our beloved LinkedIn is by applying a business model that allows for a four tier recruitment service. One service is catered exclusively for high-class recruitment, one targets women and young professionals, one for jobs in Southeast Asia and a general job search engine.

Currently BizReach has had a massive £23 million pledged from 10 companies. The company was launched after the founder, Soichiro ‘Swimmy’ Minami found a gap in the online recruiting process in Japan.

As Mashable reports: “BizReach wants to bring more analytical capabilities to recruitment. Swimmy hopes to eventually track employees over their lifetime. This means a company could manage applicants before hiring, keep track of back office tasks like pensions, and even track employee performance at a single location.”

LinkedIn can be used as a job search tool but it’s resources are pretty limited to the casual user – bar the pop-up job suggestions. Hopefully we will get a BizReach equivalent in the UK so make for a much more tailored and streamlined job seeking process. Sorry LinkedIn, we just want you to know, it’s not you, it’s us.