It’s nearly Christmas! But you’re still at work…here are 4 ways to survive

If you’re anything like us here at List for Life, you’re in full-on festive mode and on your 4th mince pie of the day already.

But if you’re still sat at your desk while all your friends are Instagram-ing photos of drinking hot chocolate in their pyjamas, then take a deep breath and do these few things. We promise you’ll be eating your mum’s roast potatoes before you know it.

1. Don’t be hard on yourself

You and the rest of your office know it’s mere days and hours until the big day. Yes there are still deadlines to meet and tasks to be done (which we know you will – we have every faith in you), but it’s understandable that you might be slightly distracted by Santa Claus’ arrival, so don’t be too tough on yourself if it’s taking you slightly longer to reply back to those e-mails than usual.

2. Dress to the nines

If you can’t be at home baking gingerbread houses while listening to Mariah Carey then be safe in the knowledge that put a festive tie on or your favourite Christmas jumper into work and keep the magic alive. Depending on the dress code of your workplace though, even a pair of festive earrings or socks will do Father Christmas just as proud.

3. Keep your head up

Depending on the rules of your office and workplace – and how much of a Scrooge your colleagues are! – you can keep the Christmas magic alive with some classic Xmas songs on in the background while you work. Why not?

4. Make the most of your lunch break

We know how easy it is to have your sandwich and stay at your desk during lunch. But it’s called a lunch break for a reason, so make the most of every minute of it – go to a Christmas market with colleagues or meet a friend for a sit-down meal. Not only will it give you something to look forward to while you work and keep your festive spirits up, but it’ll keep you motivated for when you’re back in the office in the afternoon.

Now what?