Is job hopping good for your career?

Until recently, job hopping was deemed career suicide and a clear sign of lack of commitment and sticking power. But is this still the case?

Before you get started on that resignation letter, here are a couple of positives and negatives to consider:

1. Negative: Apparent lack of loyalty

If a potential employer can see that you’ve had a fair few jobs in a limited space of time, they might be reluctant to hire you in case you only stay five minutes before looking elsewhere. Taking on a new member of staff is an expensive business for companies so it is important to them that they’re going to get their money’s worth out of you. Be ready to defend this point in your interview and put their minds at ease.

2. Positive: A wider skillset

Staying in the same job for years on end can mean a limited set of skills. When you start a new job you are forced to face new challenges and develop new expertise. Even mastering different software programmes can look great on the old CV and demonstrate adaptability and diversity. In this sense, a job hop can be a great thing, but just be sure to emphasise the skills you’ve picked up from each hop in your interview.

3. Negative: Last in, first out

This isn’t ALWAYS the case and it of course has a tremendous amount to do with your capabilities and work ethic, but it is a risk of job hopping. The longer you spend in a company and in a team, the stronger your relationships are with your colleagues and line manager, and the more opportunities you’ve had to prove yourself.

4. Positive: Self discovery

We learn the most about ourselves when we are forced out of our comfort zones, and starting any new job involves a fair amount of this. Very few of us have the luxury of knowing exactly what we should be doing for the rest of our lives when we leave Uni, and the jobs we take in our 20s help us along this road to self discovery. A huge part of figuring out what we’re good at is learning what we’re not so good at, so don’t be disheartened when a job doesn’t quite go to plan – you’ll be better off for the experience!