Is freelancing the future for our generation?

Advances in technology have made it easier for more of us to work from home. Gone are the days when we had to be practically tied to our office desks from 9 to 5 in order to get our work done; we are entering an era of flexible hours, remote working and Facetime meetings. 

It is no surprise, therefore, that many millennials are swapping the monotonous routine of a guaranteed paycheck for a riskier, more varied life of contract work. Here are 5 very good reasons why freelancing is the future:

1. Hello flexibility

It is a known fact that millennials are a generation adverse to the 9 to 5 slog. Few companies are cottoning on to this fact and offering their employees more freedom when it comes to working hours. Most, however, are not, which has resulted in more and more of us quitting our contracts and pursuing work that allows us to mould our own routines, work around other commitments and figure out our most efficient and productive times of day.

2. Farewell to office politics

Even the best companies have their share of office politics and gossiping staff. Becoming a freelancer often means a refreshing end to this culture of unwritten rules that we spend far too much of our time worrying about, focusing on the task in hand and, as a result, doing a much better job!

3. You can draw on multiple skills

The problem with your average office job is that it can often be very limiting. We are trained to stick to our job title unless instructed otherwise and in turn abandon our other skills that are waiting in the wings. Fortunately for freelancers, there is an opportunity to try out these skills and try something new on the side – if it doesn’t work, you’ve only lost yourself a bit of time.

4. You can work where you want

Different environments have different influences on the way we work. Going freelance means being able to listen to our own minds and decide where might be the best place to work on any given day. Whether it’s the local coffee shop, the back garden, the sofa, or even on holiday, freelancers have the power and freedom to decide.

5. You’re the boss

This is a biggie. You’ve been through school and living with your parents, you’re tired of answering to other people and doing as you’re told – it’s time to take your life into your own hands. You are free to do as you please, when you please and this is both terrifying and entirely liberating.