Uni Signs: 5 inspiring graduation speeches that will ACTUALLY prepare you for life

Fellow graduates, how many of your key-note graduation speeches were actually any good? If you’ve already graduated, you’ll know what I mean. If not, let me explain this to you. At some point in your graduation, the day you’ve worked so tirelessly toward, some nobody will be allowed 25 minutes to ramble about their achievements for no discernible reason.

The idea is that they are there to inspire the next generation of brilliant minds, but it often comes across as dull and self-indulgent. That said, for the thousands of graduations held every year – a few of them bag some truly great speeches.

Here are five great graduation speeches from five brilliant minds!

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Known for his globally renowned hip-hop musical Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda has become an ambassador for inspiration

Barack Obama

The Commander-in-Chief himself

Bill Nye

Charlie Day

Known for eating cat food and sniffing glue, the Charlie Day at this speech is very different to the Charlie we know from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Zadie Smith

“The climate. The economy. The sick relationship between the individual prestige of the First World and the anonymity of the Third. These are things only many hands can fix, working together.” The White Teeth