5 ways to increase your psychic powers (for use on your co-workers)

Ever heard of ‘Increase Your Psychic Abilities Day‘? Neither had we until recently, but boy is it a cracker.

Falling (rather sinisterly) on the same day as Halloween, it’s supposed to be a time when (you guessed it) we try and get in touch with the supernatural elements of our being.

Understandably some of us find this a tad difficult, not being of the ghostly persuasion. So we thought we’d bring you a few tips on tapping into your intuition (to use on your co-workers, obviously), courtesy of certified hypnotist and psychic medium Melanie Barnum.

She spoke to Refinery29 to reveal all.

1.  Instinct is everything

Going with your gut is vital to developing psychic powers, says Barnum.

Apparently not enough people are willing to do this though and that’s why we remain, as a species, so strictly logic and evidence based in our approaches.

She says, “One of the easiest, most common ways to connect to your psychic abilities… is noticing when you feel something.”

2. Practice makes perfect

You need to set aside dedicated time to any skill in order to master it, including psychic inference.

Barnum suggest playing guessing games with yourself, like what will come on TV next (no, the Radio Times is not an optional extra) or shuffling a deck of cards and trying to predict what card your partner will draw next.

Eventually, you’ll start to develop some techniques, but Barnum reminds us that, “Everybody can pick up a baseball bat and swing and hit a baseball, but not everybody’s going to be Babe Ruth.”

3. Find your (third) way

“Not everyone experiences psychic or intuitive abilities in their own way,” says Barnum. So like Friends‘ Ross and his love of ‘Unagi’, you’re going to want to find your own path to psychic dominance.

Apparently all five senses are potential conduits for information from the past and future, so try and work out which one best fits your personality.

4. Stay open minded

You’re not going to get much of a response early on, says Barnum, but don’t be downhearted. You just have to be completely ready for any ripple of intuition you get.

Even the static from a bad radio connection gives out a snippet of conversation now and then.

5. Enjoy yourself

“If it gets to the point where you’re struggling and you’re stressed about it, let it go… Don’t do it that day,” advises Barnum.

Like all things, make it hard work and you’ll start to hate whatever it is you’re doing. Instead, if you don’t find the practice satisfying (highly likely at one point or another) just stop and come back to it later.


Now what?