Have you heard about these HUGE LinkedIn changes?

Changes to social media formats don’t warrant the levels of outrage that they stoke in the online community. People were reacting to the alteration of the Instagram logo like we were on the brink of a nuclear apocalypse. We all just need to relax and embrace these enhancements. LinkedIn changes are the latest ‘victim’ of progression.

And these changes are a pretty big deal. Not like when Facebook gets rid of a feature and modifies the layout of your messenger contacts, heaven forbid. As Inc report, LinkedIn is now moving away from being “just a jobs site”.

There are 433 million members currently across 200 countries and two new members joining a second. LinkedIn is due for a big update and are planning to take advantage of this massive base of cliental.

These are the big three LinkedIn changes you’ll see rolling out in the near future (hopefully for the better!).


1. Online training courses

Back in 2015, LinkedIn dropped a cool $1.5 billion on an online training website called Lynda. Online academia is a huge market and LinkedIn want a piece of it. Speculation suggests that they will offer native courses both free and paid and allow companies to upload and host their own lectures/seminars,

2. Freelance hub

Flexible and freelance working is surging and what good would LinkedIn be if it didn’t adapt to changing working patterns? The company has launched ProFinder,  a system that matches customers with qualified professionals. It’s a godsend for any struggling freelancers that have the skills but no means of contacting potential clients,

3. Content marketing

As anyone who writes for List For Life will tell you, having content on a widely used platform is like a slam-dunk-hole-in-one-goal. LinkedIn have now updated their blog system to allow for embedding and greater shareability. They even have their own analytics. And, best of all the LinkedIn changes, the highest-engaged content is featured on its ‘Pulse’ channel which taps into a MASSIVE audience.