5 ways you can travel WITHOUT quitting your job

Thought you couldn’t travel and work at the same time? Think again. The co-working holiday is turning the world into your own personal office, so now you can have your cake and eat it, too.

If you’re a freelance writer, graphic designer, photographer, entrepreneur, IT developer or anything that can be done without daily face-to-face interaction with your employer, this could be perfect for you. Some companies even let you work remotely if you make a good case, so check with your HR department to see if you qualify.

No need to quit your job, just grab your laptop and your passport and make your way to one of these fabulous locations.

Here are five ways you can take your work on the road.

1. Co-working spaces

Working remotely can be a lonely business. That’s why co-working spaces are the place to be if you need a bit of human interaction throughout the day. Turns out, there are tons of these around the world, but now there are some specifically geared towards travellers so you’ll meet other “digital nomads” during your stay.

Try the Surf Office in Lisbon, CocoVivo in Panama, Coconat Space outside of Berlin, Hubud in Bali or Punspace in Thailand. There’s also a pop-up co-working space called Coworking Camp.

2. Remote Year

This new start-up is great for those of you who’d rather not go to a co-working space on your own. Spend a year with your “colleagues” as you visit 12 locations, spending a month in each. The programme is led by the company’s founders and destinations include various cities and small towns in Asia, South America and Europe.

3. Coboat

Sail around the world as you work with this new environmentally-friendly scheme. The specially-fitted catamaran comes with office space, solar-powered electricity and Wi-Fi for all your working needs. While it’s pricier than other co-working programme’s, the price includes food and you’ll be visiting places like the Maldives and the Caribbean.

4. Hacker Paradise

Created by a former Google engineer, this techy group welcomes developers, designers, entrepreneurs and engineers for short-ish working holidays around the world. Hacker Paradise partners with local co-working spaces in places like Tokyo and Barcelona for up to a month or more at a time.

5. Sunny Office

Similar to Hacker Paradise, Sunny Office is geared towards like-minded entrepreneurs and organises short co-working holidays. However, as the name might give away, they only choose sunny places around Spain and Portugal for those of you craving a bit of real summer.

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