How to tell if your co-workers are thinking of quitting

It’s a real bummer when someone you genuinely care about in your office leaves, especially if it’s of their own volition. Obviously people come and go all the time but there are some instances where you can see a quitting story coming from a mile a way.

Let’s top this piece by saying that we are in no way encouraging you to manipulate co-workers into veering their decisions, you have to respect their rights to choose their own career path. That said, co-workers quitting usually has a knock-on effect.

It’s good to have some heads-up if someone you work with is planning on jumping ship because the likelihood is that you’ll be picking up their slack until you find a replacement (also you might miss them).

Cascade HR have created this awesome infographic to spot the signs if someone you work with is thinking about quitting. It’s designed mainly for managers but the advice is universally helpful – check it out below.


Image credit: Cascade HR