How to be TOTALLY indispensable in your work trial

Some terrifying but super exciting news has come in. You’ve been asked to come into the office and do a trial week for a job as pat of the application process. You’ve got your outfit all ready, but what can you do to make the most of the opportunity itself? You want to get hired, after all.

Here are six ways to get yourself noticed, get absorbed into the team AND become indispensable so an employer just has to keep you on. You will soon be too valuable to lose.

1. Network like crazy

One of the main reasons people feel like they are out of the loop when they do a work trial is because they don’t know many people. Are some of your new colleagues going to after-work drinks? Ask to go along. You may feel awkward but put yourself out there. It will be worth it!

2. Make people like you

After you have networked, keep up the connections you have made. Compliment them, ask them about what they do, even tell some funny stories from your last job. Whatever it takes to make friends with them.

3. Work really hard

This is an obvious one, because in your trial week you will definitely want to do your best. Put in extra hours, show your willingness to learn and go the extra mile with all the tasks you are given. Show yourself to be a really hard-worker and a valuable member of the team. Amy Hoover, the president of job website Talent Zoo, says: “To become indispensable, dig deeper and really think about the work that matters to the company and its success. Tackle those projects first.”

4. Write 

A trial week can be really overwhelming. You’re in a whole new environment with new people and you will want to take everything in. Keep notes to help your mind process what is going on around you. This will also make you look super keen and eager to learn.

5. Come up with ideas

Even if you come up with bad ideas, write them down. Bad ideas often lead to good ideas further down the line. Make suggestions to your new boss of what you want to work on.

6. Don’t worry

Even if at the end of your trial week you don’t get offered the job, don’t worry. You will still have learnt a lot. Experiencing a new office environment and how the company ticks is invaluable information that you can take with you. All experiences are valuable because you learn from them. Know your worth and think if the trial period didn’t lead onto anything you will find what is meant for you in time.

Now what?