4 ways to keep your social media *totally* professional

Twitter is always a hot-bed of hasty characters and instant regret. Every week there’s a new story about a tweet and delete, or a new war between two celebs.

We’ve got the tips on avoiding a #socialmediafail and keeping your job whilst also maintaining your own presence online.

1. Privacy settings are your friend

This can be applied across all social media, if you want to make sure only your friends and family can see what you’re up to. Don’t pull a sicky to go to Glastonbury only to find that colleagues have seen all your flower crown-infested photos online. Rookie error.

2. THINK before you tweet

This is probably the most basic of all tips. It might sound great in your head, and it probably is hilarious, but will your boss thing so? This isn’t censorship, it’s just common sense. Don’t get caught up in unnecessary drama because of 140 hastily-typed characters.

3. DON’T discuss colleagues

Unless you think they can take a joke. Comparing your boss to a piece of meat might be great banter for a Whatsapp group, but it probably won’t go down too well online.

4. DO specify your position

The old “these views are my own” is always a solid if you’re working for a big name. Even if you’re way down on the totem pole, you’ll still be attracting attention. So either don’t say who you work for, or be sure to state your position clearly.

Now what?