How to GUARANTEE productive and useful meetings every-time

Organising meetings is difficult enough. To get a group of people, who are all equally busy, in one room to discuss something you think is worth their time is more difficult than it should be, even in our technological age. What’s even harder is making the most of that time once you have everyone together.

Tangents become land-mines when you’re leading the meeting and unless someone is aggressively steering the group, it’s almost unavoidable in most meetings to stay on target 100% of the time.

You shouldn’t feel bad about it though. Meetings are by nature quite chaotic. Luckily, thanks to Entrepreneur and Business Travel, this infographic below has distilled everything you need to keep your meetings productive and effective into nine concise points.

Everything from shutting off your phones to avoid distractions to using the Swiss train time system to even taking the meeting outside to keep morale fresh and your attendees listening. If you’ve ever come out of a 45 minute meeting and questioned what the actual point of it was (we’ve all done it) then you need this infographic.


Image credit: Business Travel