7 ways to ease smoothly into Monday (yep, really!)

After an awesome weekend, crawling out of bed on Monday morning can be a struggle. Lucky for you, we’ve got some ways to make it a bit less painful. It will be Friday again before you know it!

Here are our top tips to ease back into the workweek.

1. Start fresh

The key to starting the week right is to start off fresh, in every sense of the word. Wake up a bit early and take a long shower. Do your hair. Freshen your nail polish. Make your bed and tidy your room before you leave. When you get to your desk, make a shiny new to-do list with short and long term projects to be tackled. Being in control of the day and not rushing into work ten minutes late will help set the tone for the rest of the week.

2. Have it your way

Eat your favourite breakfast. Listen to your favourite song as you get ready. Is there a nice little street you love walking down on your way to work? Take that one. Treat yourself throughout the day and you’ll find yourself thinking Mondays aren’t so bad after all.

3. Plan out your day

Whether you do this the night before or on Monday morning, it’s helpful to know exactly what’s heading your way. Even if it just means taking mental stock of everything on your to-do list, being organised will cut down on surprises—and on a Monday, nothing threatens to stress you out like an unexpected shock. If you know exactly what’s on your plate, you’ll be able to coast through the day.

4. Wear a new purchase

Wearing something new does something to the psyche that snaps us into first-day-of-school mentality—everything just feels a little more special and full of opportunity. Even if it’s something small or only recently purchased, it can be the little lift you need to go into Monday with a spring in your step.

5. Commute with a friend

Whether you walk to work, take the tube, or drive, commuting with a friend will make your Monday morning trip to the office way more fun. Yes, really! Catch up on the weekend’s antics, chat about upcoming plans, vent about the workweek if you must—it’s all good.

6. Set a lunch date

Packing a lunch is without question the responsible, budget-conscious way to do workweek lunches. But on a Monday, treat yourself to an out-of-office lunch with a work buddy – you’ll be amazed by how much it can change the tone of the day. Even if you’re slammed with catch-up emails and new projects, ditch the office for a few minutes to make a coffee run with a colleague or friend who works nearby.

7. Plan something for after work

Having something to look forward after the workday – be it a happy hour, a dinner, or a yoga class – will give dreaded Mondays a silver lining.

Now what?