How to design iOS apps for iPhones and iPads

With the release of the new iPhone 6S a golden opportunity has presented itself. Why not design some cool new apps and make money from it? People want new apps to go with their new phones.

Designing Apple iOS apps is easier than you might think. Here are the four main things you need to think about when designing a new iOS app for iPhones or iPads.

1. Resolutions and display specs

When designing an app you need to think first of all about the dimensions of the various iPhones and iPad models. Check out their portrait and landscape measurements before you start. Here are the iOS human interface guidelines.

2. Pixels

What are pixels? They are the smallest physical components that make up the display. The more pixels that can be fitted into a screen size, the clearer the display is. You need to think in pixels but design in points, which are resolution-indepedent measurements, to get the best results. Designer Ivo Mynttinen explains here.

3. User Interface (UI)

One of the main reasons why iOS is so easy to use is because it already offers views and controls that you can build into your interfaces quickly. You can customise tools to a certain extent. These common elements include the status bar, tool bar, tab bar and the navigation bar. This guide lets you know what changes you can make and if you need to.

4. App icon sizes

As app icons will look different on the display sizes of the iPhone and iPad, you need to make sure this is edited correctly. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to app developing. Check out Design Then Code for more information.

Now what?

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