How to create BRILLIANT online surveys people will actually use

Surveys created for online users can be a nightmare at their worst and the most valuable form of customer/user/friend feedback available at their best. They’re simple to create, simple to fill-out, and yet, it’s impossibly difficult to get accurate results and participants for market research.

Since, according to science, goldfish have longer attention spans that humans, you need to be always changing your strategy to get people to struggle through your online survey. Users need incentives, be it a prize or the feeling they’re contributing to something that genuinely matters – normally a prize though.

This infographic below from the good people of qSample walks you through the four key ingredients of creating a successful online survey for marketing purpose – but we suppose you could use this advice for any survey.

It begins with a description of where the problem resides and then systematically solves the issue by bringing up all the things marketers forget to consider when making online surveys. Things like making it mobile friendly, time sensitive and immediate feedback – these are the elements of online surveys that will lead to good results, so listen up.

QSample - surveys

Image credit: QSample