How to get a job at Apple (according to Angela Ahrendts)

Does working at Apple sound like your dream job? Doesn’t working on, designing and testing products that change the way we view technology sound like the coolest thing ever? 

Apple’s senior vice president of retail and online stores, Angela Ahrendts, opened up to Vogue about how YOU can get a job at one of the most influential companies in the world.

1. Prepare to be vetted

Angela said that when interviewing people for jobs at Apple she wants to get inside their heads. She asks candidates questions about everything from their personal interests to what their families are like. This gives her a “better understanding of their true motivation and leadership attributes”, the 55-year-old told Vogue. Apple want to know how big your ego is, whether you value your own success over that of the team and where you would focus your energy if you joined the company.

2. Show a willingness to learn

The former Burberry CEO revealed some amazing life advice. Her father always told her not to make assumptions, and this is what she does to this day. Angela also said in her interview: “Invite conversations, stimulate thinking, break down barriers, create positive energy and show your willingness to understand and learn.” Finally, she said that trusting your instincts and emotions are the real key to success. Believe in your abilities and you will do well.

3. If you do blow your interviewers away, you won’t have to wait to hear if you got the job

Hiring people there and then is something Angela does. She said: “If I loved them, I tell them so and say I look forward to continuing the conversation. If they are not right for the position, I think it is best to be honest while we are together so they don’t get their hopes up.” As intimidating as that may sound, it would be much better than waiting, all positive and hopeful, to hear back, but instead receiving a rejection email a few weeks later.

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