This is the BIGGEST mistake you could make early in your career

Starting you first job is an exciting and frightening prospect, we’ve all been there. Your anxiety is matched only by a bubbling exuberance to jump into a new career and start laying the foundations for your future.

And rightfully so, you should feel proud of yourself for getting this far. However, a new story for The Telegraph has recently revealed the most common mistake young professionals make when accepting their first job offer: not negotiating their salary.

As anyone who has been working more than a few years will tell you: everyone starts at the bottom – which is totally fair and expected. What isn’t so expected is the concept of renegotiating the first salary offer but in the long run, suggests data from, you could make an average of £1 million more in your career by asking for a bit more money from the start.

But don’t feel like you’re alone in this. Statistics show that almost half (49%) of new workers accept the first salary offer they’re given and why wouldn’t you? Especially if you’re surfacing from a stint of unemployment; having the confidence to ask for more than what you’re offered is something that doesn’t come naturally to most.

Our advice is to think before you accept. Seeing as raises and bonuses work relative to your current salary, you could set yourself up for a far more lucrative career just by asking one of two questions before you’re locked into a contract. Remember, the worst your employers can say is no.

Now what?