How to avoid being overwhelmed, according to Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a man with a lot on his mind, obviously. When you think about his daily responsibilities, it puts our problems in perspective. But we can’t start to think like that, we should never ignore our fatigue and issues because of other people – and Bill Gates would agree with that.

Bill and Melinda Gates released their annual foundation letter where they revealed that they wish they had “more time and more energy”. Even the richest of the rich dream of having the things we all want. It just goes to shows that money can only change your life materially.

As Business Insider reports, Bill responded to a number of questions during a recent Q&A on Youtube including his favourite superhero. It was Superman, by the way, since “he wasn’t one that could do just one little thing and tried to fit that in”.

This is obviously a decision rooted in something deeper, like Gates’ striving nature as a technological polymath. An astutely observing audience member caught onto this and asked Gates how he doesn’t get overwhelmed with both running a multi-national company as well as dealing with the pressures of heading a foundation when there are so many people worldwide that need help.

Here’s what Bill Gates said: “If you only think of it in the negative sense of ‘oh, you should feel bad about this, and why do you have so much when people don’t have these other things,’ that kind of puts people off. And yet if you say, ‘hey this is improving and you can accelerate that change,’ then they get a sense of, ‘I want to be part of that.'”

The big take-away here is the last sentence. The “Hey, I want to be a part of that” is the key to staying above water. Being a part of something positive and larger than yourself is the secret to avoiding becoming overwhelmed.