How long is your commute compared to other countries?

Getting to work in the morning often feels like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Except there you wouldn’t get elbowed in the face by commuters packed into trains like sardines. 

The problem isn’t getting any better either guys. According to the Office of National Statistics, the average daily commute in the UK is 54 minutes, nine minutes longer than it was twelve years ago at the 2003 Census.

And that’s not all, last year it was reported that two million Brits travel three hours or more during their daily commute.

But in comparison to other countries, we’ve got it easy. Check out the average commutes of workers from all over the world, with a global average of 40 minutes. If it teaches us anything, it’s that we do not want to move to Thailand…

1. Bangkok, Thailand – 120 minutes

With an average rush hour speed of seven miles per hour it’s not surprising that it takes residents of Thailand’s capital a whopping two hours to get to work each day.

You might get all the sunshine, but we don’t envy you Bangkok.

2. Ivory Coast – 80 minutes

Expect traffic jams galore if you plan on a work move to this west African state. Although we suppose it’ll be a bit more interesting to be cursed at in French when you try and pull out into the outside lane, and we’re nothing if not a fan of variety.

3. Portugal – 70 minutes

Over an hour on a stuffy train or car in Portugal’s blistering summer heat? No thank you very much. We like a holiday in Lisbon as much as the next person, but it isn’t going to become a permanent stay anytime soon.

4. Italy – 23 minutes

This is a healthy commute time in our humble opinion. Enough time to have a good read on the underground or hear your favourite radio show in the car. Italy, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Now, about your economy…

5. Malawi – 2 minutes

Excuse me? Where do the Malawian people live? Under their desks? Either that or they have a rather worrying espresso consumption habit…

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