The Highest Paying But Low Stress Jobs That’ll Make You Want To Switch Careers

There are some people in this world that are unfairly paid. Meaning that the amount of work or responsibility they have doesn’t warrant their ridiculous pay-checks (footballers, basically).

As you climb the job ladder, your stress levels will elevate simultaneously. If only there were jobs out there that paid a fair whack and didn’t cause you to lose sleep…

It’s unrealistic to expect a job to provide no stress at all. That is until the market demands of massage test dummies or ice-cream taster. However, there has been some research done into the highest paying and least stress-inducing jobs in the world.

Looking through the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) you can see for yourself what jobs are considered the least stressful using their ambiguous ‘stress tolerance’ measure and how much you stand to make.

These jobs are just a few of the least stressful but highest paid roles you can get today. (Salaries have been converted to pounds for ease).

stress free jobs

Image credit: Instagram – @coffeenclothes

Material Scientist

Salary: £71,000

Stress: 53

You were probably hoping the first one was going to be ‘Nap Executive’ but unfortunately the world just isn’t that fun. A Material Scientist is responsible for studying substances, how they react with each other and applying that to everyday products. You’ll probably need a PHD though..


Salary: £150,000

Stress: 67

If you’ve got that spare dentistry license lying around and want something to do with it, become an orthodontist. It’s surprising how low stress this job is considering the amount of teenagers you’ll have to scorn for continuously opening bottles with their teeth and guzzling liquid sugar.

Art Director

Salary: £76,000

Stress: 69

These are the people that decide the visual style for all kinds of media. Be it magazines, products, movies, TV or newspapers – the art directors of the world have a surprisingly easy life.

stress work

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Law Teacher

Salary: £65,000

Stress: 63

Lecturers and higher education teachers vary in salaries so much but the intensity levels are pretty consistent across the board.

Being a teacher might be the most stressful job in the world (long holidays, though), however, being a lecturer is a different story. While a teacher is held responsible for their students’ growth, some lecturers walk in the room, reads their slides and waltz off! Simple as that.