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4 hidden and essential Gmail tips and features to keep your work life on track

Emails on emails on emails – the inbox is your ball and chain in the workplace. You hate it but can’t not check it. People asking things from you, people saying no to you when you ask things from then and a whole load of spam. Nigerian Princes aside, knowing how to streamline¬†your inbox goes a long way! We’ve got the Gmail tips for you!

For me, once my inbox pushes 10 emails (I’m not very popular) I have to purge everything that is there. People with real, important jobs with have upwards of 1,000 non-spam emails that need their attention. Knowing how to unlock Gmail’s features can make this eternal slog less eternal and less of a slog!

Here are the top four Gmail tips transcribed unless you scrolled down here without watching the video:

1. Undo send function

I can’t count how many half-finished emails I’ve sent by accidentally clicking or pressing enter. Luckily, Gmail as an undo send function if you’re as big of an idiot as me and accidentally send pertinent information to someone who isn’t meant to see it! You set a time frame where you can still undo it if you don’t immediately realise what you’ve done.

2. Send and archive

This feature is for those that how overflowing inboxes full of 23 message long threads that are frankly outstaying their welcome. When you press ‘send and archive’, the message will send and the thread is cleared from your inbox. This is handy in the event that you need to chip into a thread but don’t need a response!

3. Scheduled emails

If you have a message that’s time sensitive, most email softwares don’t allow you schedule up emails without the recipient knowing they’ve been scheduled. Install the Boomerang app and schedule away!

4. Canned responses

Sick of sending the same message over and over again? Using canned responses allows you to save common messages and deploying them with a few clicks!