Here’s why attitude is more vital than IQ in the workplace

Years of conditioning would have you believe that only the intellectually superior will reach the peaks of success. But for every Mark Zuckerberg, there’s a Myspace Tom – someone with the right attitude who makes good decisions and is paid handsomely for it. (It’s worth mentioning that Myspace Tom sold his company for $580 million – not so much of a failure website now, is it?)

The point is that a good attitude will get you a lot further in life than raw intelligence. According to Forbes, new research from Stanford University has found that people’s IQ has nothing to do with their ability to succeed but rather having one of two mindsets: fixed or growth.

Those of a fixed mindset believe that there is a limit to their abilities. They then have a willingness to accept that. These people tend to be affected by overwhelming odds far more.

The growth mindset promotes a natural self-drive, regardless of IQ. The infographic below demonstrates the differences between the two.

Image credit: Forbes

Image credit: Forbes

Ideally you want to adopt a growth mindset and even if you are entrenched in a fixed mindset, there’s nothing stopping you from making the changes and switching sides to a more positive and embracing outlook on life.

Success is all about how you deal will failure. Do you take the information of your mistake and use their momentum to break down your confidence or do you analyse why you made those mistakes and figure out how to avoid making them in the future? It’s really a matter of choice, not intelligence.

What now?