Here’s what you should be eating before a job interview

All successful people have got to where they are by eating well You’re not alone if you don’t struggle to sleep the night before and don’t have much of an appetite in the morning prior to a job interview. But it’s imperative to fuel your body by eating prior to arriving at your interview location.

This delicious infographic from the good people at StandOutCV details the importance of nutrition in an interview environment. It covers the amount of caffeine you should be consuming to the foods you should be avoiding.

For instance, did you know that eating copious amounts of carbohydrate will trigger a chemical release in your body that will not only make you less alert, but will begin the sleep process. Maybe lay off eating the thick sandwiches if you don’t want to risk a mid-interview nap.

Stay true to this graphic, keep eating and increase your chances of booking the interview for your dream job.

Image credit: StandOutCV eating infographic

Image credit: StandOutCV


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