Science says this is the perfect time to start work

When your alarm goes off in the morning do you coil back to the other side of the bed in horror? You’re not alone. Getting into work for 9 a.m. or earlier is actually torture…and now science can back this up for us!

We aren’t all lucky enough to pick and choose when we start work. Office hours are pretty inflexible at the best of times. Here are four things we learnt from the new findings.

1. Work should start from 10am onwards

Neuroscientist Paul Kelley says that lack of sleep is a huge society-wide issue. Staff should start work at 10 a.m and if this doesn’t change soon we will become a severely sleep-deprived generation.

2. Lack of sleep can be dangerous 

We’re all heard the tiredness can kill. Sleep experts at The Wright State University say that lack of sleep is contributing to severe fatigue, which is accountable for 10% of fatal car accidents.

3. You would work better if you started later

Harvard University found that mental functions, including concentration, logical reasoning and memory are all dependent on a restful night’s sleep. We would be more productive if we had longer to lie in. Fact.

4. You need more sleep than you should 

Sleep exert James E. Gangwisch from Columbia University says that young people need about nine hours. Are you getting yours? If you aren’t allowed to roll into work whenever you fancy, try getting a good old-fashioned early night. You’ll feel and look better with some more beauty sleep.