This is how much your friends actually earn

We all wonder how far up the salary pecking order we are in our friendship groups. And most of us probably reckon we are pretty high up. But stop your wondering, as we have the answer to the age old question of ‘do I earn more than my friends?’

According to the latest government statistics, which divides income and tax statistics into age groups of four years at a time, these are the figures for the average salary each person takes home in the UK. Read ’em and weep (probably).

1. Age 20 or under – £12,000

Now remember, this is for those in full time employment. There definitely aren’t any paper boys out there running around with that much cash in their pockets.

2. Age 20-24 – £15,100

Excuse me? We aren’t too impressed by this figure. It’s beans on toast here on out with that kind of a salary, that’s for sure. Bread and water if you live in London…

3. Age 25-29 – £21,200

Now that’s more like it, now you can start to have a good time it seems. Although with the average age of an adult having their first child being 30, we’re thinking the next bracket may have a rude awakening on the horizon.

4. Age 30-34 – £25,400

An increase of £4,000 on the previous five years. You must have been doing some serious growing in those 60 months that’s for sure. Congratulations all round. Ah, yes, about that mortgage…

5. Age 35-39 – £27,300

This is the point when your salary tops out as an adult, after this it plateaus for about ten more years and then starts to dip, fifteen years before most of us retire… Enjoy!

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