Here’s how changing what you wear can improve the quality of your day

The clothes make the (wo)man so the expression goes but that’s more commonly used as an encouragement tip you subtley drop to friends who wear joggers everywhere – no one takes it seriously. Well here comes science, once again, to debunk everything you knew as true.

As Life Hack reports, a recent study found a correlation between smart dressers and improved confidence both inside and outside of the work place. This breakthrough is the confirmation some need to up their wardrobe game and the permission slip for others to spend even more of their paycheque on quality threads.

Obviously we’re dealing with a placebo effect. Those that wear expensive clothes aren’t actually being dosed with confidence inducing chemicals through fabric lining – although that’s not a terrible innovation to think about.

The study told participants to play a round of golf using the high-grade, quality Nike clubs they provided. It turned out that all the clubs were generic and those who swung using the ‘Nike’ clubs performed 20% better than those who didn’t.

The moral of the study here is that you 100% make your own luck. Frank Germann, a professor who worked on the study, said: “when you think that you have this performance brand, you have higher-state self-esteem. As a result, you feel better and your self-confidence is elevated at a certain task. In turn, you’re less anxious, and because of that, you’re performing better.”

Think of your best outfit as ‘social armour’. Spend the extra £20, wear it and dominate your workplace with your new-found (well, bought) confidence.