Billionaire Richard Branson’s advice for young people

English businessman Richard Branson is best known for having a ton of cash as the owner of Virgin Group. But one of the world’s biggest companies didn’t just fall into his lap don’t you know, he had to work at it.

In fact, his first entrepreneurial foray was starting up a magazine called Student aged 16. Four years later he set up a mail order record business and the rest is history.

Recently Branson started a special #ChallengeRichard hashtag on Twitter to encourage people to send in their requests for him to carry out.

The latest read “Find one person younger than you were when you started, and offer them non-monetary support to help them find success.”

And that’s just what he’s done, offering his advice to a young girl who wrote in asking for advice on how to get her own line of aeroplanes developed.

Here’s Branson’s top advice for young people on how to make a success of their career.

1. ‘Don’t ever let anyone prevent you from dreaming’

That’s right, ol’ Dicky wants you to know that imagination is what makes the world go round. So if anyone ever tells you you can’t do something, make sure you’ve got a nice big laugh ready to let loose in their face.

2. ‘Take the time to really think things out and get them down on paper’

That’s right, even one of the richest men in the world still doodles all over notepads and the back of receipts. He said so!

3. ‘Innovation has been the key to many of humanity’s greatest successes’

If it ain’t original, then forget it. That’s according to Branson anyway. The most important thing in business is to analyse an industry and see how you can change or add to it.

4. ‘It’s so important in life and in business to ask for feedback’

Sometimes it can be difficult to study our own performance and see how we can improve. Asking your boss or a colleague for their opinion on how you performed on a job is vital to your continues success.

5. ‘It’s amazing what doors can open if you reach out to people with a smile, friendly attitude and a desire to make a positive impact’

What more can we say, the man’s got it in one.

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