Your 4 step plan if you’re VERY late to a job interview

Disaster strikes, you’re 30 minutes away from your job interview and all of your trains are cancelled. You panic and hop on the soonest replacement bus. Your next few actions can determine the outcome of your interview so act cautiously. 

The unofficial step is to stay calm at all times – you can’t will yourself into the interview room when transport links are down, trust us, we’ve tried.

Here is a four step plan to keeping your cool when you’re late for a job interview.

1. Contact your interviewer ASAP

This one sounds bleedingly obvious but it’d be interesting to see how many people don’t make a call or send an email in this situation. It’s probably worth ringing ahead so they can hear your apology first-hand rather than via text. Your interviewer might be able to reschedule your interview for a later time and save you begging for another chance.

2. Use the extra time to your advantage

So you’re stuck on a bus waiting for congestion to clear, don’t just panic about it – seize the moment. Do an extra bit of research. Why not even rehearse answers in your head? This delay might just provide another time for you to prepare more than the other candidates and really impress your interviewers.

3. Apologise appropriately

Interviews are all about first impressions so don’t storm into the room sweat-drenched and blubbering apologies. Approach your interviewers calmly and apologise once sincerely. What’s done is done so there’s no need to bring it up again, time to move on and forget your own tardiness.

4. Act is if you arrived perfectly on time

After apologising of course, don’t let the circumstances knock your confidence. You presumably prepared for this so don’t throw that all away because your commute didn’t go as smoothly as you could have hoped. Your interviewers won’t hold it against you as long as you don’t hold it against yourself.

Now what?