These are 5 entry level jobs you NEED to apply for

Starting out in a highly competitive industry can be super tough, even when you’re only aiming at the bottom rung. 

But don’t panic just yet, we’ve put together a list of ideal entry level jobs in TV, film, fashion, PR, music and journalism that’ll get your career off on the right track.

1. TV & FILM: Production Runner

Where to apply: BBC, ITV and Working Title

Runner jobs are the lifeblood of the industry, and a short stint at one of the larger production houses can often lead to researcher, producer or even director positions further down the line. Check out the sites listed above for loads of great opportunities, but be prepared for mega long hours and some stressful times.

2. FASHION: Design assistant

Where to apply: Fashion United

After completing a degree in fashion design – which is a must for any budding designer – you’ll need to intern A LOT, and be ultra willing to work whenever needed. But eventually you’ll want to apply to design assistant jobs, which give you a great opportunity to work with some of the world’s most celebrated fashionistas. It’s a long and hard road to even get to this stage, but it’s worth it!

3. PR: Public relations assistant

Where to apply: Reed

If you have dreams of hanging with the stars and partying at celebs houses as a PR executive, then this job might be an ideal start for you. As a public relations assistant you’ll handle campaigns, deal with press communications and write press releases. Stand-out skills include SEO knowledge, social media and being a complete people person.

4. MUSIC: Promotions coordinator

Where to apply: Careers in music

This isn’t a fancy job, and you’ll most likely be tasked with transporting promotional material for bands and artists in a certain market area. But some of the world’s leading producers started out this way, and if you play your cards right and make good connections, you’ll be moving on up in no time.

5. JOURNALISM: Editorial assistant

Where to apply: Gorkana

If you’re a budding writer, but don’t yet have the cuttings to wow editors into giving you a writing job, then an editorial assistant post is the next best thing. You’ll be tasked with liaising with PRs and managing freelancers mostly, but once you’re in the office writing opportunities will come your way too.