The best sites to find freelance work

Forget zero hour contracts, lots of industries survive mostly on freelance employees.

If you’re one, your work life can be as stressful as it is flexible. So we’ve tried to make it that bit easier on you by pulling together a definitive list of some of the best websites that offer freelance opportunities. Check it out.

1. YunoJuno

New kid on the block YunoJuno offers high quality jobs from high quality clients. It’s ideal for creatives and budding designers and lists availabilties from loads of other industries too.

2. WiredSussex

Wired operates a members-only jobs board with both full-time and freelance listings. They have branches all around the country, so if you’re not in Sussex don’t worry.

3. Contently

One for writers. You might have heard of the portfolio option on Contently – it’s used by pretty much every journalist on the planet – but did you know there’s a huge agency set up behind the scenes. Rates are usually in the hundreds of pounds per article, so it’s a great way for budding journos to build experience and get paid.

4. Fiverr

The name of this site gives you a clue as to the payment for jobs. But it’s a great tool for those with a specific talent to make some quick cash. Listings include anything from designing event artwork to data processing on Excel. Easy money, if not a lot of it.

5. Upwork

Upwork is a huge client base of millions of registered users, all looking for freelance work. It’s a global database, so available jobs range from Hong Kong to Haringey.

6. FreelanceUK

Does what it says on the tin. The ‘Running a Business’ section is ideal for those in need of startup advice too.

7. Behance Jobs

Another option for creative professionals, Behance has a jobs board for freelancers in the arty sphere. It’s part of their online portfolio directory and is a must-see for shift workers.

8. Smashing Jobs

This online jobs board comes direct from Smashing Magazine. It covers web design and development, so is ideal for all you techies out there. Another global site though, so you’ll have to narrow the parameters to find UK work.