7 ways to save time in the morning

Bad hair day, keys nowhere to be seen and you’re one broken bowl away from a complete mental breakdown. But it needn’t be this way.

Check out our seven tips to save time in the morning and the start to your days will henceforth be calm and peaceful. Trust us.

1. Three-minute makeup

Try to establish a short makeup routine in the morning. The quicker the better, but three minutes is ideal. Also, remember to do your hair first, if you’re in a rush you can take your make-up bag on the road, but chances are your straighteners stay at home.

2. Towel time

If you’re going to wash your hair in the morning then wrap it up in a towel and go about your morning ritual. Blowdrying it will just make you late.

3. Breakfast on the go

You could stash a banana and muffin in your bag the night before to extend your mornings if you’re really in a rush.

4. No-brainer breakfast

If (wisely) you don’t want to scoff your first meal on the train, then make breakfast at home a simple affair.

5. Brush your teeth in the shower

It may seem like something you only see in bad sitcoms, but it really does add minutes to your day. It’s not dirty either, you’re in the shower!

6. Music maker

Why not make a morning playlist that you put on as soon as you get up. Each song can correspond to something you should be doing. Pharrell means shower time, Taylor Swift wants you to be on breakfast. It’s a great way to keep you on track in the am. Take a look at this to find out what music you should put on after you get to work.

7. Tidy up

It might sound trivial, but keeping your living space in neat condition goes a long way to making sure you stay on time when you’d rather be in bed. You’ll know where your favourite pair of trousers are, your breakfast bowl won’t need washing up and the keys will definitely be on the hook, won’t they?

Now what?