The real-life hacking expert behind the hit TV series, Mr Robot

Not so huge in the UK as it is over the pond, the USA TV series Mr Robot is now starting to make waves here. The highly anticipated season two will be premiering on July 13th. The plot follows an anti-social computer programmer who operates a clandestine vigilante hacking network to take down fat-cat corporations.

Having already won a Peabody, all eyes are on this production and stand-out star Rami Malek. However, as with all these break-out shows, what goes on behind-the-scenes is usually as interesting as what goes down on-screen.

Getting inside the brain of series creator Vince Gilligan during the Breaking Bad years was as much of a thrill as the misadventures of Walter White. In this case, The Drum interviewed the hacking consultant/writer for Mr Robot, Kor Adana.


Image credit: RexFeatures

This is what they learnt:

Kor used to work in cyber-security (and films don’t do it justice)

The protagonist, Elliot, in the show works in cyber-security during the daytime. Kor used to have the exact same job. He would always get frustrated how cheesy TV and film would portray the security/hacking dynamic. The show spends a lot of time making sure they making the hacking look life-accurate not like that fake Jurassic Park nonsense.

Tech fans are unforgiving

Nerds gotta nerd. Kor works really hard with everyone from the actors to the flash animators to make sure that every frame is as close to the real thing. The goal is to satisfy the most technical and critical fans out there. The online community take huge pleasure in ripping inaccuracies apart!

The hacking community have lent their hand to the show

Obviously in the interview Kor didn’t drop any names (snitches get stitches), but his connection to the hacker community has been strengthened by the show. All of the techniques used in the show are based on real hacks that these shadow operatives have pulled off in real life!