Grad life: How to get ahead on a grad scheme

Getting onto a competitive grad scheme is a feat in itself, but once you’re in there’s a whole lot more work to do.

With every graduate apparently better qualified and more experienced than you, it can seem impossible to stand out from the crowd. But there are certain tips and tricks you can implement that are sure to get you ahead of the competition.

Here are five ways to get ahead on a grad scheme.

1. Curiosity didn’t kill the grad

After a few weeks in your new role you’ll start to get the hang of things and attain a degree of comfort in the job.

But don’t become too content in what you’re doing. Understanding the minutiae enables you to add that little bit extra to the task and will give you the edge on your competition.

2. Be memorable (to the right people)

Quietly getting on with the mundane is perfectly alright if you just want to coast, but you’re not content with that are you?

No, you’re the best of the best, and to get on with the right people (your bosses) you need to make sure they know when you do a good job. And be sure to stamp your personality (honest, reliable and hard working) on their memory.

3. Attitude is everything

Your seniors can’t have confidence in you if you don’t yourself. So wake up a winner every morning, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to shine.

Remember, you pick your attitude, so make sure it’s the right one.

4. Respect

This doesn’t just apply to your superiors. It might be a cut-throat world out there but showing everyone in the organisation the same level of respect is vital to cultivating the right sort of image for your working brand.

Every individual role matters in the office and no one is beneath you (especially as a graduate).

5. Seize the day

Okay so that’s a cheesy line, but there’s a lot to be said for applying carpe diem to the workplace.

As a newbie recruit you’ll want to be enthusiastic with every single job that’s given to you, from the soul-crushingly mundane to the best-day-of-your-life work perks. At the bottom there’s no room for being picky, and your great attitude is sure to be remembered.

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