5 things we learned from a Google Exec about having a successful career in your 20s!

Having a successful career in your 20s is so doable with the right mentorship and advice. The job market is more competitive than ever and you need every nugget of advantage you can get hold of. Luckily we’re always here to dish out the coldest cuts of life advice. Today we’ve got some pearls of wisdom from a Google exec.

Ivy Ross is the head of Google’s secretive wearables branch who took an odd route through fashion and jewellery before landing in the technology sector. Business Insider spoke to the Google exec and asked her for her best pieces of advice for a successful career.

1. Job mobility isn’t new

The typical millennial will have between 15-20 jobs in their careers but this isn’t necessarily a new thing. Ivy Ross has moved through the jewellery industry and landed positions in Mattel, Gap and now Google!

2. Teamwork is more satisfying

Ross said that using her talents to direct teams and creating things in tandem with others brought her much more satisfaction then working on her own. We suppose that relishing in success on your own isn’t as fun as with friends and beers!

3. Success doesn’t always equate to passion

Ross’ innovative manoeuvres in jewellery landed her work in collections in 12 museums, wow! However, her excitement eventually faded because there was nothing to chase anymore. You need to keep goals in mind and never be satisfied until it’s time to move on.

4. Never live according to five-year plans

The temptation to map out your entire life is all too real but this Google exec says to resist. The rapid pace at which industries are changing and new opportunities are arising means that you can’t hesitate on something new because it doesn’t fit your speculative framework.

5. “The ideal career path idea will not get you to the right place”

“I always take my jobs by asking, ‘What am I going to learn?’ and ‘Are they going to use me for what I do best?” Steer your life on what feels right to you, not what seems logical!