Get fit in 20 lunch breaks: The ESSENTIAL guide to having healthy posture at your desk

Our posture is killing us, just like everyone else apparently is. These days, with the internet acting as the doctors we never asked for, it’s hard to decipher what advice is worth taking on board and what we should filter out – the most recent trend of life-threatening mistakes we’re all making is how we sit at our desks.

When you’re the heat of a busy work day, it’s rare that you consider how you’re sitting. We all just assume that our default posture is what comes naturally to our body – even if you end every day feeling like Quasimodo on a cross fit comedown.

If you spend six hours a day at you’re desk, according to this infographic from Ultimate Mats, you are potentially 18% more likely to die from diabetes and heart disease than those sitting less than three hours.

The graphic covers a myriad of interesting and posture-improving ergonomic tips like how to make the most of a standing desk as well as your standard sitting desk, how to relieve pain points and how to type all day while avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Image credit: Ultimate Mats

Image credit: Ultimate Mats