How to deal with rejection

So you slaved away at the application for weeks, the interview couldn’t have gone any better and you’re already picking out new workwear on Topshop online. And then the bombshell hits.

“We’re looking for someone with a bit more experience.”

“We’re going in a different direction.”

“We’ll keep your CV on file!”

You didn’t get it. All that hard work for nothing, right? Wrong! Rejection is a massive part of the job hunt, and there are just as many positives to be gleaned from getting knocked back as there are negatives.

Read on for some top tips on dealing with rejection from employers.

1. It’s not you, it’s them

If the boss of the company doesn’t think you were right for the position then they’re probably right! Getting your dream job, only to find out the business isn’t a perfect fit for you can be devastating, and will just make you miserable. You need to find a working environment that plays to your strengths and will help your career flourish.

2. Get feedback

Most recruitment departments are happy to let you know why they decided you weren’t suitable, you just have to ask. Constructive criticism is important to the development of your pitch, and will ensure you knock your next application right out of the park.

3. Stay fresh

Carrying interview baggage around with you from job to job is only going to inhibit your development. Sometimes you just have a bad day, and twenty minutes of your life is not a perfect representation of what you can do anyway. Once the interview ends, it’s over. So forget about it!

4. You’re not alone

Many more people get turned down for jobs than actually land them. That’s a fact. There’s so much luck involved in being handpicked from hundreds of CVs that often, mistakes get made. This can be infuriating, but just take it as proof that you probably are the best person for the job, they just don’t know it yet.

5. Re-focus your job search

If you’re getting rejection letter after rejection letter, it might be that your skill set isn’t matched properly to the jobs you’re looking at. There’s little point in applying for a job in HR if you’ve spent the last five years working in comedy clubs, is there? Try searching for vacancies that you have good qualifications for, and watch the interview requests roll in.

6. Slap a smile on your face

Staying positive is paramount after a rejection. If you treat every experience as a learning opportunity, then it’s difficult to be upset about not getting a certain job, as it’ll get you prepared for the next one, which will probably turn out to be one you wanted more anyway!

7. It only makes you stronger

Use the rejection anger as fuel for your creative fires. Let it drive you on to greater heights. Moping around is no use at all, so get angry people!