Cool careers in the gaming industry that you didn’t know about

Love video games? Who doesn’t?! We’re all obsessed with Call of Duty, Fifa and even mobile apps like Candy Crush and Angry Birds. Well did you know that you can get a career in gaming doing more of what you love?

Here are 4 careers in the gaming industry that you didn’t know existed. From creating the coding to testing out games for a living, here are some of the coolest jobs and how to get into them. What better industry could there be for graduates wanting to work hard and play hard?

1. Games artist

If you’re a really creative person who enjoys life drawing, then being a game artist could be your dream job. These are the people who try and make the games look as stylised or life-like as possible. A degree in an art-related subject such as graphic design or fine art is a help.

>Source: Creative Skill Set

2. Video game audio creators 

One of the fastest growing careers in the music industry, and one that is in demand, is video gaming audio creators. Having a good ear for music is essential but the job description is flexible Рit could involve writing code or creating music in a studio. You can now even do online courses to get your foot in the door.

>3. Game programmer

If you love gaming and you’re a coding whizz then this could be the perfect job for you. The job involves writing and design code, fixing bugs and creating and adapting code libraries. A physics, maths or science degree is a real help for getting into the industry.

Source: Creative Skill Set

4. Game tester

Yes, this is a real PAID job! Being a game tester sounds absolutely ideal but it can involve long hours and tight deadlines. You typically won’t need any specific qualifications to do the job but an interest and knowledge of the gaming world is essential.

Source: National Careers Service