12 full-body deskercises that will cure your office stiffness!

“Sitting is killing us, y’know”. Add that to the list of everything that is seemingly killing us alongside Diet Coke, pollution, global warming, foods with gluten, foods without gluten and mobile phones. People get so melodramatic about feeling stiff at work and while it’s probably not killing us in any literal sense, it would be good if there was something we could do to alleviate the pain (spoiler: Deskercises)

Fortuntately it’s 2016 and, despite record-high obesity rates, the health-heads are always coming up with accessible and effective ways of keeping one’s body intact. Today we’re dissecting these deskercises.

As this graphic from EcoNugenics points out: “studies have shown that people who sit for long intervals on a daily basis are at higher risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression.” To combat all of the aforementioned nasties, the team have put together a comprehensive list of stretches you can do at work that will keep your muscles relaxed and limber.

They break each body part down and detail what stretches are best for each. Here are some examples:

Upper Body stretches

Overhead triceps stretch: Lift your arm and bend your elbow so that your hand touches your back. Place your other hand on the bent elbow and gently apply pressure. Hold for 20 seconds, relax and repeat stretch with the other arm!

Back/Lower body stretches

Leg extensions: Sit up and firmly grab your chair. Lift your legs up and out so that they are parallel with the floor. Hold that position and flex your feet forward five times to stretch out your foot and leg muscles.

Standing stretches

Standing thigh stretch: Lean your arm against a wall or a desk. Keep your back straight and your knees parallel. Grab your ankle and lift it towards your butt. Hold that position for 20 seconds. Repeat this with the other leg.


Image credit: EcoNugenics