The Six Most *Frustrating* Co-Worker Habits

Co-workers are the family you don’t get to walk away from. Family events can get frustrating but you can always walk away. At work, you’re contracted to deal with your problems, it can really suck sometimes. There are some co-workers that are a delight to be around. They make coming into work a treat. Others… not so much.

Being annoyed with the people you work closely with a natural process and you should never feel bad for wanting to throw your desk-mate’s monitor off the roof. Spending so much time together in an enclosed space isn’t ideal but it’s part of the job.

We’re sure you have your own pet-peeves for office etiquette but here are six of the most common and nail-bitingly annoying office habits… remember to breath and count to ten.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Image credit: Shutterstock

1. Arrogance

We get it, you’re really good at your job. When something good happens to you, you should share it with others. However, over-sharing quickly turns to bragging depending on how many people they insist on telling, how loud they’re speaking and if you use an arsey tone – you know the one!

2. Being late. every. single. day

Sometimes delays happen, it’s an occupational hazard if you work int he city. But nobody is a one-person team, and if you have to rely on someone that has the punctuality of a jet-lagged tortoise tensions are going to surmount.

3. Kitchen etiquette

Don’t get us started on leaving expired food in the communal fridge…!

4. Questioning for the sake of it

As Business Insider point out: “there are no stupid questions” but there is such a thing as “too many questions”. Initiative is what gets you a job in the first place, using it is a completely different story. Most co-workers that question for the sake of it probably just want to hear the sound of their own voice.

5. Moaning

Yeah, it’s early for all of us – that’s how time works. There are co-workers out there that honestly believe they’re the first person to feel tiredness, too cold, too hungry, too full or too busy. Get over yourselves!

6. Making personal calls

If you work full-time, finding time to sort the ‘life’ part of the ‘work-life balance’ can be tough. Everyone understands if you have to pop out the office for a bit to sort something out on the phone but please don’t do it at your desk and please don’t shout.