Uni Signs: 5 ways you can help your friends get post-graduation jobs

If you’ve graduated in the last couple of years, student life will seem like a distant memory. How long was it since you last set fire to an oven glove and remedied your shock with a seven hour Parks & Recreation session? Too long I think you’ll find. If you’ve got friends graduating in the next couple of months, they’ll come to you for a favour getting post-graduation jobs.

And that’s no bad thing. Take it as a compliment. You’re one of lucky ones that made it out of the limbo of unemployment. While your pals a year behind shouldn’t rely on you sorting them out at your company, you owe them a helping hand.

Think carefully, however, about how much you want to help them. Recommending a friend that has a reputation as lazy will reflect badly on you too, also, do you really want to work with a close friend?

Whether it be a feeler recommendation with your manager or harvesting job application links, here are five ways you can help your friends get post-graduation jobs.

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

1. Keep your ear to the ground in your office

It’s tempting once you have a job to shut out any employment opportunities that veer into your atmosphere. You have a job, don’t push it now. But open your ears for any empty positions that could be filled by a dear friend. Post-graduation jobs are given to those who know people, more often than not.

2. Give them your old job

Maybe you’re moving on, before you do, make the job search easy for your manager and say you’ve already found your replacement. It’ll be cool because at the end of the week when they’ll whine about their job, and you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about.

3. Drive-by CV drops

The worst thing you can do is just throw a CV down on your managers desk and be like “This is one cool cat, hire him/her”. Use your expertise to help your mate cater the CV for the job they want and maybe drop it off personally for extra brownie points.

4. Scour the intranet

Your company’s intranet system (if they have one) is a treasure trove of opportunity. Scour it for all the perks, lunch deals and job openings you can. You’re like an inside agent for your friend.

5. Bring them to networking events

This is a high risk, high reward ploy. Bring your pal to any evening networking events and pray they have the social savvy to get some decent contacts. Worst case scenario you have someone you know there to rinse the limited free food with.