How Many Of Us *Actually* Follow Our Childhood Dreams?

What did you want to be when you were a child? Doctor? Dolphin-Whisperer? It doesn’t matter, according to a new study. Surely you know some people that were destined to go on and become the geniuses of the future from childhood. If you’re one of those people, good luck to you, if not – you might want to listen up.

As a kid, you pretty much don’t have a grasp on reality. As far as you’re concerned, there’s nothing else going on over the garden fence – you pretty much live in a snow-globe. As a result, kids are fearless about their occupational choices.

Some kids don’t even want to have jobs, they just want to be ‘zillionaires’ without thinking about how much tax they’re going to have to pay – short-sighted if you ask me.


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The question of the day is this: how many of us actually pursue and achieve the jobs we commit to from a young age.

A recent study from an online career training resource did some digging into the crumbled dreams of the generation now living in permanent adulthood. The study looked at 2,000 adults and compared their dreams to their current jobs.

Did the burgeoning Hot-Air Balloon Pilot of 1987 achieve his or her dream? Unfortunately not. The study found that nearly 80% of adults don’t follow through with their childhood dreams. The flip side to that is that over 30% of the people that ended up in their childhood job don’t consider it their ‘dream job’ – makes sense, why would you just a six year old to make career choices for you?


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Interestingly, the top three career aspirations for young kids are athletes, teachers and vets. By the time we’re 16-18, we all want to be writers, engineers and scientists.

You’re probably thinking that at a young age, boys and girls are a vastly different species – and you’d be dead right. The boys dream of being professional athletes and astronauts whereas the girls aimed for more realistic options like being a teacher or vet – both noble professions!

Have you followed your childhood dreams? If not, there might still be time!